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Meet Michael, Sheridan’s Home Care Aide Of The Month!

Meet Michael - Caregiver of the month for November 2018From Family Caregiver to Home Care Aide

Michael Bennett

Working as a Home Care Aide is not always the first career choice for many individuals. Sometimes life takes you on a path that eventually determines your future. Michael is one of our amazing Home Care Aides that became a caregiver through his family and friends. He took care of his parents as a family caregiver and became a professional Home Care Aide later.

Michael grew up in a home where people were always around. His family fostered children his entire childhood. In addition, his mom worked as a home care attendant. Everyone was raised to have a spirit of giving back. That was the way Michael got introduced to caregiving. Which also led to his true passion, cooking.

While he was studying culinary arts in college, he decided to help one of his friends. He became a live-in caregiver for his friend who was paralyzed. Once Michael graduated, he pursued his passion for cooking. For 20 years he lived out his passion as a superb cook. The experience from his passion for cooking showed itself very useful during his Home Care Aide journey.  

Life took another turn when his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. His parents needed help. He moved to live with them to provide all the help they needed. He felt it was overwhelming to be a 24/7 caregiver.

“One of the hardest parts as a caregiver is to remember to take care of yourself too. When you are taking care of your loved ones, you can easily burn out yourself fast”.

After all, he thinks this was the best experience and helped him a lot during his Home Care Aide journey. His father had typical symptoms of memory diseases for example hallucinations and aggressive behavior. Sometimes we would get upset at each other. The next day he did not remember that but of course, I still did”. That is why he can relate what a client’s families go through. Being a Home Care Aide is not just taking care of the client, it is also supporting the family members.

Sheridan Care is fortunate to have Michael on our team. He’s dedicated, a great communicator, punctual and compassionate Home Care Aide. Our Sheridan Clients enjoy and appreciate having him as their Home Care Aide. His advice for everyone who is taking care of someone is to have patience, perseverance, and forgiveness. These three things will take you far on those cloudy days when you feel overwhelmed. I guess one could say that taking care of other people is not a career, it is a lifestyle.

November is National Family Caregivers Month. The Month is dedicated to addressing the many challenges facing family caregivers.

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We are committed to providing our clients with the most professional Home Care Aides in the area. In order to ensure this, we look for warm, honest, caring people, and help educate and guide them to become the best Home Care Aides around. Sheridan Home Care Aides are compassionate and love working with the elderly. In our over 18 years of experience providing care, we chose only the people that we would want taking care of our own loved ones.

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