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Why We Do What We Do

It is always hard when a relationship with one of our clients comes to an end, especially the ones that have become a part of the Sheridan Care Family. Our thoughts are with the family. Thank you to our wonderful care team for the love and compassion you gave to this family.

~ Susan Dost, Founder & CEO of Sheridan In-Home Care


"Dear Susan,

I wish to thank you and all at Sheridan for the six years of great care you have enabled my husband to have, especially this last year when it became critical – we had a great team.

Five years of lying in bed to never once have a bedsore is saying a lot about the best of care.

I also wish to thank you for those extreme efforts you had to make – sometimes at the last minute – finding caregivers. You all did your best, and we came through.

At the end, my husband passed away peacefully

Thank You


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