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Meet Grace, Sheridan’s Caregiver Of The Month!

Meet Grace - Caregiver of the month for August 2018

Grace Hyde new

 Grace has worked for Sheridan Care since March 2009. She is an exceptional caregiver who is ready to go above and beyond for her clients. She started her caregiver career with private clients and decided to join an agency to ensure continuous work. Sheridan Care was fortunate to hire her at that time, almost ten years ago. Grace also has facility experience but prefers one-on-one caring. She prides herself on the high level of care that she provides and felt that in a facility it was not possible. Her work method is to get to the heart of her client’s needs and personality. She wants to create that special bond with every client and makes every effort to do simple things like having a favorite, special shampoo on hand. Depending on her client’s needs, she keeps the routines consistent and interactive.

Caregiving is not just a job –

it’s not something you have to do, it’s something you want to do.

So many special memories with all of her clients, Grace can’t narrow it down to just one. She feels that you can always learn from each person. Some clients can share stories; some you just understand even though they can’t express themselves verbally. She says that one of the most important qualities of a caregiver is the ability to read and understand body language. One of her tips is to try to put yourself into the client’s shoes. She truly takes care of her clients like her own family members.

Like Onny (Caregiver of the month June), she emphasizes how important it is to have a great care team and communication between family, client, agency and other caregivers. She feels that you can also learn from other caregivers on the job. With all of her clients, together with the entire team, they have identified best practices and have been able to provide the best care possible.

Grace says that she will continue caregiving as long as she is able. She is truly a person who can and will make a difference in someone’s life every day.


We are committed to providing our clients with the most professional caregivers in the area. In order to ensure this, we look for warm, honest, caring people, and help educate and guide them to become the best caregivers around. Sheridan caregivers are compassionate and love working with the elderly. In our over 18 years of experience providing care, we chose only the people that we would want taking care of our own loved ones.

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