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Summer is arriving – stay hydrated and keep our precious environment on your mind!

The risk of dehydration increases the older we get. According to the Nutrien Reference Values, men should drink about 10 cups and women 8 cups per day depending on their weight. On a hot day, you lose fluids more than normally, especially if you are taking medication. Remember to drink water regularly and always keep some next to you during the summer heat.


Sheridan Care is preparing for the hot summer season with a new water refill station Flowater. From an ecological point of view, this is a significant investment. Did you know that 79% of 6.9 billion tons of plastic waste ends in Landfills, floating in the oceans or piling up on city streets? Plastic is one of the major environmental issues we have now influencing our health, natural ecosystems, and the climate. Therefore, we use reusable water bottles with our new water refill system. We were able to save 100 bottles from the Landfill in only a few days just our office alone.

Keep yourself hydrated and remember to pay attention to your ecological footprint. You are always welcome to stop by our office to say hi and refill your bottle.




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