The Heart of Sheridan Care: Our Story

In the early dawn of 2001, Sheridan Care was born—not just as a service, but as a heartfelt commitment to the wonderful community in the Greater Los Angeles area. From our very first day, our mission was not merely to offer assistance but to provide life-enhancing, soul-nourishing care.

Caregivers as Family

We envisioned caregivers who were more than employees—they were part of our extended family, deeply dedicated to their life’s calling. Trained and nurtured within our team, they are the soul of Sheridan, making it possible for our clients to savor the comforts and memories that only a home can offer, year after year.

A Journey of Love and Growth

From just one devoted caregiver to a thriving family of 150 strong, the growth of Sheridan is a testament to the collective love and expertise of our team. Yet, this incredible journey wouldn't have been possible without the enduring inspiration drawn from Susan's family legacy.

Legacy in Every Touch

Our name—Sheridan—is more than just a label; it’s a tribute to two remarkable women, Helen Sheridan and Sara Sheridan Dost, whose spirits epitomize the values we hold dear. Susan's Grandmother homesteaded land in Michigan that became the fertile ground where generations were lovingly raised. It's her indomitable work ethic and natural entrepreneurial spirit that continue to breathe life and inspiration into every facet of our service.

Every day, the legacy of strong, nurturing women like Helen and Sara ignites our determination to offer exceptional care. It's this rich tapestry of family, history, and unyielding dedication that shapes Sheridan Care today, inspiring us to touch lives, lift spirits, and make home the safest, happiest place to be—for all the cherished days yet to come.

We’re not just a team, we're a family—rooted in history, nourished by compassion, and driven by the love of what we do. And so, our hearts remain ever open, ever committed, to serving yours. Care, our caregivers are totally committed, highly qualified and carefully selected individuals. Most importantly they are dependable, warm and compassionate people. We chose only the people that we would want taking care of our own loved ones.