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A special message from founder and CEO Susan Dost

SD Head Shot

Meet Susan and the rest of the Sheridan team

We understand that when you begin the process of investigating in-home assistance the whole procedure can seem very confusing and overwhelming.

We want to help take the stress out of your decisions. The compassionate staff at Sheridan Care is equipped with a wealth of knowledge, information and resources.

There isn't a problem we can't help you with. Our individual services are available throughout the greater Los Angeles area, as well as The Valley.

We offer each person an in-home (or hospital/facility) assessment that is without cost or obligation at your convenience. This appointment allows us to develop a better picture of your specific needs. We take careful steps to ensure your loved one has the best possible care plan, taking into account both their physical and emotional needs.

Sheridan Care is a private organization that offers affordable solutions for families caring for seniors. Our caregivers and personal attendants provide assistance with medication monitoring, bathing, and grooming. Our caregivers provide companionship and support throughout the day, evening, and overnights as well. We are also able to offer an array of vetted professionals who specialize in bringing services into the home. This enables your loved ones to continue to live at home and independently for as long as possible.


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Free In-Home Assessment

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