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7 Inspirational Ways to Embrace Aging

Aging brings with it good and bad, but putting the spotlight on the good can help us shift our thinking. Instead of feeling that the best years are behind us, we can enjoy where we’re at and look forward to where we’re still meant to go.

Changing Our Perspective to Embrace Aging

How do we embrace aging instead of fear it? It takes perspective.

Consider these ways to feel inspired about the years to come:

1. Create.

Activities or projects that allow us to express ourselves provide a sense of self-fulfillment and release. Whether it’s building something, painting, writing or working on another creative project, it should be a practice that challenges us and one that we enjoy.

2. Create bonds.

Being close to at least one special person or staying in touch with family and friends can help us feel that we matter for what’s on the inside instead of the outside. Having that sense of support lifts us in times of struggle, making us feel loved and at peace.

3. Make an impact.

If it means something to you, it’s a cause worthy of your support, whether that be animals, children, the environment or another cause. Making a difference to someone or something gives us a sense of purpose and inspires us to do more.

4. Respect your body.

Accepting our “imperfections” helps us become more open to enjoying what our bodies can do instead of what they can’t. It’s also important to stay healthy, meaning we should keep up with doctor visits, have ourselves screened for illnesses as recommended and keep an eye on changes to our bodies that could impact our wellness.

5. Share stories.

It’s important to take pride in our experiences and share with others our distinct perspective and skills. Passing down traditions can become a lost art as families spread across the country. Seeing value in what you’ve done and what you know can help build a legacy.

6. Stay physically active.

Exercise helps us maintain balance and flexibility, which prevents falls and allows us to keep up with everyday activities. Plus, we’re more prone to illness as we age. Healthy aging provides a better quality of life.

7. Stay socially active.

Commit to regular social activities. Coffee gatherings, community groups, walks with friends – really, whatever interests you – is worth the commitment. It also helps motivate you and adds structure to your day.

It’s easy to fear aging, but embracing it is the clearest path to making the most of the years that lie ahead.

For original post at a Place for Mom: https://www.aplaceformom.com/blog/3-5-14-how-to-embrace-aging/


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