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Sheridan Training


Become a Certified Companion Aide (CCA). Many of our employees are certified as CCA’s, a nationally recognized training program.

Education is the cornerstone of being a great company and a great caregiver. At Sheridan Care, we are constantly seeking professionals to bring their message to our team of leading care providers. We find new techniques, tools and practices each month and pass them on to our team here in our office. 

CPR/First Aid training is mandatory and conducted monthly for our employees. But, the continuing education is what makes us unique. Most recently, we held training on:

  • Fitness and the Older Adult
  • Dementia and Drive, The Basics
  • Memory Loss
  • Dementia and Alzheimer's

We provide unique topics and powerful knowledge to all of our caregivers on an on-going basis, thus keeping our caregivers up to date with the latest information about elder care.

If you'd like to be a keynote presenter to Sheridan Care, please contact us.

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